AmeriCorps team members serve a term of 10 ½ months, beginning in September. People join our team for many different reasons, whether they seek to give back to the community, gain professional experience, or explore a new city.

At Full Life Care, we look for candidates who display a commitment to serving others and a willingness to take on new experiences and challenges. Our members must be comfortable working with older adults and individuals with disabilities.

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AmeriCorps Benefits

Here are some of the benefits that come with being an AmeriCorps member (as of 2019-20):

  • Monthly Living Stipend: $1,450 a month (pre-tax).
  • Education Award: Upon completion of 1,700 service hours and a 10 ½-month term of service, members earn a $6,095 education award. (A 6-month term would earn a $3,047.50 award.)
  • Health Insurance: Washington Service Corps covers members under a basic health insurance policy during their term of service at no cost to the member. The insurance covers all requirements of the Affordable Care Act.
  • Loan Deferment/Forbearance: Members are eligible to put qualified student loans in forbearance during their term of service. AmeriCorps will pay interest that accrues on qualified student loans during the term of service.
  • Subsidized Childcare: If qualified, a subsidy is provided by GAP Solutions Inc.
  • Washington State Basic Food Program: The living stipend is not counted as income when determining eligibility for Basic Food Program (food stamps) and therefore, members may be eligible for this service.

Full Life Team Benefits

Here are some of the benefits provided by Full Life Care:

  • Bus Pass: Full Life Care provides a free Orca transit pass to use on Seattle’s public transportation.
  • Training: Members receive training throughout their service terms, beginning with an orientation to the program. Training topics may include AmeriCorps history, the evolution of long-term care, leadership skills, cultural fluency, mental health first aid, and health-related topics.
  • Team Activities: Monthly team meetings offer training opportunities, as well as provide a platform to network with your peers. We strive to create a supportive, safe environment for members by incorporating team-building activities, social outings, and service projects.

Other Details

Here are some other considerations before applying:

  • Moving Expenses: Washington Service Corps does NOT reimburse members for relocation expenses.
  • Housing Search: It is up to you to find a place that meets your needs. We can provide housing information, but we cannot guarantee or provide housing.
  • Cost of Living: Seattle is an expensive place to live. Do some research on the community before you apply. It requires flexibility and resourcefulness to live on the AmeriCorps stipend in this region.
  • Transportation: For AmeriCorps living in urban areas, public transit is the best mode of transportation via metro bus or the light rail. A car is not required for our program but it might make service easier if you are placed at a site in a suburban neighborhood.