Caregivers come from all walks of life: they can be a spouse, a sibling, a son or daughter, a parent. The unpaid family caregiver’s role typically emerges from unforeseen circumstances and requires an inexperienced family member to step up to care for a loved one. This is a challenging role which leaves Caregivers feeling stressed, isolated, and burnt out.

The Care Teams Program offers community support by coordinating a team of trained volunteers to ease the load for unpaid caregivers of seniors and veterans, active service members, or their families.

Care Teams volunteers offer customized support, free of charge, which may include: light yardwork and household tasks, running errands, or simply offering friendly companionship to both Caregiver and Care Recipient.

One Caregiver supported by Care Teams said, “I truly am grateful for our team. Their kindness and their readiness to provide meaningful interactions has been greatly beneficial to me not feeling isolated and alone.”

Another Caregiver stated, “I’m hopeful for more respite with future activities, maybe taking time to get away for a massage or coffee with a friend!”

How to qualify

To participate as a Caregiver partnering with a Care Team, you must meet the following criteria:

  • King County Resident
  • Family or Unpaid Caregiver
  • Caring for a Senior, age 55+, or a Veteran of any age, active service member, or their families


Ready to Receive Support!


If you or a caregiver you know is ready to receive support from Care Teams, please complete the online referral form above.

Email Tegenu Negi, Training and Outreach Specialist, or call 206.240.2545.

Referrals generally come from social service providers. Family members, neighbors, or caregivers may submit a referral form, as well.

Learn about Care Teams Volunteers

Read more about volunteer participants and their roles.