Smiling Patient in front of art projects

Clients who are enrolled in mental health counseling through Solstice Behavioral Health may also participate in our Art and Wellness Studios. Held twice a week, Art and Wellness Studios provide art therapy and educate participants toward joyful living.

The studios are designed for participants to explore aspects of wellness in a creative manner. Participants work together toward a shared goal in a safe, positive and collaborative environment.

Studios are facilitated by AmeriCorps service members, volunteers, university interns and University of Washington nursing students. Nursing students from programs across the Puget Sound area find the experience of working in a community mental health center enlightening.

These teams are overseen by the Solstice clinical director.

Art Studio

Art offers a creative pathway toward improved living. Clients use art to explore their feelings and reconcile emotional conflicts. It provides the opportunity to build self-awareness, manage behavior, develop social skills, reduce anxiety and boost self-esteem.

Wellness Studio

During Wellness Studios, facilitators provide education and guidance to help participants learn what is involved in understanding their own bodies and how they interact with their environments. They are offered guidance on joyful living and making healthy choices.

Interested in attending? Contact: 206.224.3746