(Cut and paste the information about Housing Services and Supports below to share to your friends and colleagues)

Dear <Friend>,

Instead of having a fall event in 2020, one of the local nonprofits that I care about — Full Life Care — is asking everyone to stay home and invite the people we know to: 

  • FOLLOW Full Life Care on social media
  • SHARE posts about Full Life Care’s WE PERSEVERE campaign
  • GIVE to support Full Life Care and help us reach a goal of raising $100,000

You are such a generous and thoughtful person. So, I really appreciate you thinking about this and taking action. The Full Life Care program that I care about most is Housing Services and Supports.

This program offers a suite of assistance services for clients facing the challenges of housing instability:

  • Develops behavioral plans for clients whose community placement is tenuous
  • Develops behavior management strategies for adults with dementia, TBI, stroke, hoarding issues, developmental disability, other mental health diagnoses
  • Develops agreements between caregivers and client
  • Works with cognitive behavioral interventions including emotion regulation
  • Works with state-contracted pest control specialists to solve pest issues, moving and packing companies to move clients between homes and deep cleaning and disposal services to help prepare for annual inspections
  • Conducts independent living apartment searches, with or without a voucher
  • Conducts extensive Adult Family Home and Assisted Living searches to find a fitting Medicaid eligible placement
  • Can help with purchase of needed household and furniture items

FOLLOW Full Life Care on social media. SHARE these posts about Housing Services and Supports. GIVE to support Full Life Care.


Full Life Care, EIN 91-1095588, is a public charity recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3) located at 800 Jefferson St Suite 620, in Seattle and registered with the Washington State’s Charities Program as required by law.