A shot in the arm

Dr. Jenny Roraback-Carson receives one of the first COVID-19 vaccinations

Dr. Jenny Roraback-Carson gives a thumbs up after her first coronavirus vaccination.

Who would have imagined that a small needle poke in the arm would be such a momentous event?

That’s what it felt like for all of us here at Full Life Care with word that Dr. Jenny Roraback-Carson received the first of her two coronavirus vaccine doses last week.

Dr. Jenny has been Medical Director for Full Life for nine years. She is also an Attending Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor of Geriatrics with UW Medicine at Harborview, where she cares for patients in the hospital, nursing homes and in clinic.

Dr. Jenny has been treating COVID-19 patients from the beginning. That’s why she is among the very first to receive the vaccine newly developed by Pfizer Inc.

Dr. Jenny sent the photo and video shortly after her vaccination to let us know all went well. Her only comment?

“Dose #1 done. So far, I am experiencing a major side effect of intense hope for the future. ❤️”