full life care volunteers

Care Teams Volunteers Discover Unexpected Benefits

During National Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 21-27, 2024 we honor Full Life’s committed community volunteers. Staff often marvel at their dedication and we’re always curious to know what motivates them. Full Life volunteers come from all walks of life — the retiree, the college student, the midlife professional, the stay-at-home moms and dads, service veterans.… Read More
ElderFriends pair Patricia (Patty) Hanrahan and Caroline Horsford

Soul Friends

“What seems quite by chance is never by chance.” – Patricia Hanrahan The smell of freshly baked scones and brewing coffee filled the air as ElderFriends pair Patricia (Patty) Hanrahan and Caroline Horsford sat down to reflect upon their friendship in Patty’s home in West Seattle.  After being matched in March of 2023, the two… Read More
Mary Anne Knowles

A Journey of Compassion: My Story with Full Life Care

In my sixties, a widow, with all my children having moved on to their own lives, I found myself working in a nursing home for the elderly. I couldn’t help but ponder the questions I had about my own reactions to those facing the end of life and the remarkable resilience of those who maintained… Read More

People of Full Life: Corri Abbott

"Why do I have home care? I’m a mess! ... But I have Carmen. She’s been my caregiver for the past 2 years. We hit it off well."
Melanie Beverlin and Nimo

People of Full Life: Melanie Beverlin

Melanie Beverlin, Participant of Full Life Care Adult Day Health and Home Care I used to live in an adult family home and I had to come here (to adult day health). Now I live independently. I have a place away from downtown. Even after I moved to my own place, I still came here. I… Read More
Patti Burklin

People of Full Life: Patti Burklin

Patti Burklin, Participant of Full Life Care Adult Day Health I come here (to adult day health) because I enjoy it. I need to get stronger, and hopefully will get my balance back so I can walk again. I learn how to fall. I got instructions on how to fall better, so I don’t get… Read More

People of Full Life: Mitchell Keller

Mitchell Keller, Participant of Full Life Care Adult Day Health I’m 34 years old. I was born with cerebral palsy. Full Life is good for me. We play games, do art and exercises. I go (to adult day health) Tuesday through Friday for now. Not Monday. I go because it’s fun. They teach me how… Read More
Moe Pocha

People of Full Life: Glenda ‘Moe’ Pocha

Glenda ‘Moe’ Pocha, Program Manager, Full Life Care Snohomish County Adult Day Health Center There are some powerful moments at work sometimes. Recently, I covered our memory care program. A staff member called out. I was just back from vacation and had so much to do that day. But clients always come first. A woman… Read More