A year like none other

COVID-19 pandemic changed is all


This month marks an infamous anniversary. One year ago the coronavirus pandemic heralded our long descent into an existence not unlike a science fiction novel. Isolated by social distancing to fight the disease, our lives changed in ways great and small.

Client Clem Paige and HC Supervisor Sanjally Bojang present HCA Amina Odawa.

Now, many of us wear masks everywhere we go. Choosing to enjoy simple pleasures like a movie or dining out became nerve-wracking decisions. Seeing friends and family we didn’t live with became emotional dilemmas.

And we all have reluctantly become used to communicating through video sessions when what we really want is human conta

Kelly Nissell, Adult Day health Nursing Manager, working from home making nursing wellness check phone calls.


 So now, here we are, a year in. Our hearts ache for those we’ve lost to the deadly disease. We know full well that we are not yet completely safe.

And yet, hope remains.

As Dr. Jeff Duchin, Health Officer, public Health for Seattle and King County wrote last week in looking back on the year: “. . . despite the fact that our situation remains precarious and with significant uncertainty, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and the path to a more normal life is becoming clearer. Despite the uncertainty and the real and significant challenges that remain, I think there is cause for cautious optimism.”

We now have three highly effective vaccines, developed in a timeframe unprecedented in modern medicine. Our diligence in following public health guidelines for social distancing, hand-

May Zalkin, top left, chats with FLC Case Manager Melissa Cass and Registered Occupational Therapist Carol Potter Tuesday, May 28.

washing and other safety measures have proved to help us curb the disease spread.

And our ability to adapt and innovate has allowed us to continue to live our lives and remain in service to others. You can read more about our COVID-19 response on our Coronavirus blog.

 We here at Full Life Care learned just how creative we can become. By adopting new digital communication strategies and doubling and tripling our efforts in distance delivery, we remain a vital part of our clients’ lives and wellbeing.

This past year has been one of immense growth and learning. We and our clients are stronger for it.

Dr. Jenny Roraback-Carson gives a thumbs up after her first coronavirus vaccination.

But most importantly, we survived because of your support and encouragement. We are grateful that you all are supporters of Full Life Care.

Here’s hoping that this next year is a “post-COVID” one, and we start on the road back.