Another year of hope and gratitude

Donors, volunteers brightened the holiday season

The new year has brought new hope to clients across Full Life Care’s programs and services, thanks to this season’s holiday giving donors.

An outpouring of volunteer and community group support resulted in donations of more than 170 prefilled gift bags, nearly 200 handmade quilts, lap blankets, hats and scarves, more than 450 handcrafted greeting cards, and more than $5,000 in gift cards.

For some clients, these items are essential.

“Donations allow us to ensure that basic needs are met,” said Home Care Supervisor, Lexie Spurlock. “A client of mine is coming from a very vulnerable place and does not have many basic necessities, such as clothing. He is extremely grateful and truly touched by having others care for people like him.”

As Foundational Community Supports Resource Coordinator II, Erin Schafer, added, “Donations of gift cards for food and household items, as well as blankets and cold-weather clothing donations directly improve the lives of our unhoused, recently housed and very low-income clients. I genuinely look forward to donations, not just for their practical use, but also for the positive reactions I get from clients, now able to breathe a bit easier during a difficult chapter in their life.”

In other cases, donations will help us honor our core value of holism, enriching the mind, body and soul. Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) Wellness Program Coordinator, Caroline Dowdle said, “Items like crossword puzzles will be distributed to clients to help improve brain activity. The population we serve tends to self-isolate (pandemic aside), so the things we receive through these donations are of good use and are greatly appreciated by our residents.”

And at other times, these items will represent much needed comfort and connection. According to Health Home Program Director, Katheryn Howell, “Many of our clients in adult family homes have communication barriers, and connections with care coordinators over the phone going into Year 2 of the pandemic have grown stale, in some cases. Care Coordinators are now taking a few quilts with them and are looking for opportunities to gift these beautiful quilts to clients. We are hoping they will provide a warm meaningful memory that staff can share with their clients.”

Thank you to all Full Life Care volunteers and community partners who have made such an impact possible, through their generous donations, including:

The spirit of gratitude has been mutual, touching all who participated this season. As described by one of our crafters, “Knowing that we had the ability to brighten someone’s day during such an uncertain time offered a sense of comfort. And knowing that this small effort has touched the lives of many is a reminder of time well spent.”

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