BECU ‘Top Volunteers’ share with FLC clients


This Fall, BECU and Full Life Care partnered together to turn a typical Thursday afternoon in October into an extraordinary experience for staff and clients alike.

BECU has been long committed to its credit union philosophy of “people helping people.” So when planning a virtual Top Volunteer Celebration, it felt only natural to celebrate the spirit of service by adding a group volunteer activity to help spread joy to Full Life Care’s Adult Day Health Zoom activity participants.

And what a celebration it was!

After sharing with each other about their personal volunteer experiences in their local communities, a group of BECU employees acknowledged as Top Volunteers (pictured) took turns sharing about personal pastimes with adult day health participants.

When employee Liz offered show-and-tell about singing, participant Pat related, by exclaiming, “I’m still very active! I’ve kept up with piano, and I plan to live to be 100!”

After employees Dixie and Mike shared photos about basketball and soccer, participant Jessica was inspired to share, “I bowl for Special Olympics!”

And the Zoom chat kept flowing with additional comments about hobbies that were so “cool,” “amazing,” and “awesome!”  “The clients were very engaged, and excited to learn more about the various past times the BECU staff had to share. Many clients were heard saying ‘I didn’t know that!’ and had plenty of questions for the staff. It was a great social and learning experience for all.”

Full Life Care’s Volunteer Program Supervisor, Jessica Chin, remarked, “It felt so refreshing to offer this opportunity for employees to take the time out of their busy work days to feel more connected with each other and our community at Full Life Care.”

BECU’s Program Manager of Community Engagement, Katie Villa, added, “It was great hearing what we’re all passionate about outside our work. We knew doing this collective give back as part of our celebration would be meaningful and something that our volunteers would appreciate being able to do together.”

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