Celebrating our Home Care Aides

Holiday in July showed how much we appreciate

Snow fell in July at Full Life’s headquarters parking lot last week.

Fortunately, it was fake. But the festivities to celebrate our Home Care Aides was definitely real.

For Home Care Aide Appreciation Day 2022, the Home Care administrative staff pulled out all stops and hosted a winter holiday gala, complete with games, prizes, goodie bags and a chance to say “Thank You” in person to our more than 350 Aides who work year round.

“We do this for them because of all they do for us and our clients,” said Home Care Program Director Julian Reisenthel.

Friday afternoon was partly sunny and warm, so the fake snow blowing across the parking lot quickly melted away. But the festive atmosphere was palpable and permanent.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic Full Life enacted strict protocols that dictated closing offices and halting most client-staff contacts. But Home Care Aides needed to continue working. So all of them underwent additional training in health and safety precautions. And Full Life began providing supplies of masks, sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, gowns when necessary and all kinds of other supplies that allowed Aides to continue visiting clients while protecting both them and their clients.

That kind of dedication deserves our thanks.