ElderFriends says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’

We wanted to take the opportunity to express our love and gratitude for all our ElderFriends volunteers who shared their love this Valentine’s Day with our ElderFriends!

We hope that your time with ElderFriends has been an invaluable experience and has brought you much joy throughout your experience. As 2022 marches on, our goal is to increase the number of elders that we are able to serve and connect them with volunteers like you!

We know it’s been a challenge amid the COVID-19 pandemic to be able to stay connected with one another for one reason or another. But today we celebrate the uniqueness that is ElderFriends through love, compassion and understanding.

So, from all of us at ElderFriends, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!


“Before Valentine’s Day, I used window paint to draw hearts on the outside of her bedroom window. I asked her weeks later if she was tired of it and wanted me to clean it off. She said, ‘Are you kidding? Those hearts are going to be there until I don’t live here anymore. I look at them everyday and love them.’ It was a small thing I’d done, but very touching to hear how much it meant to her. She is a gift in my life!”

—Elizabeth Dameron-Drew (April 2021)

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