Embracing Their Role Reversal

For over half a decade, Dolores Linvog resided at an assisted living residence. That changed when her care needs compelled her to find new living arrangements. She was welcomed with open arms by one of her oldest friends, her daughter, Theresa Linvog-Wood.

“My mama moved in on Valentine’s Day of 2014,” says Theresa. “It’s a studio apartment but we’ve just had a wonderful time. It’s been really an amazing experience.”

Still, like any pair of roommates, the two need their space at times, which is where Full Life Care enters the picture. Dolores, who has dementia, visits the North Seattle Adult Day Health center two to three times a week, providing time for Theresa to take care of herself.

“I go running, maybe head to the beach, catch up with friends, and I’ve started taking up meditation at the Frye Art Museum, which I’ve really grown fond of,” she says. “It’s so nice to know that she’s taken care of at Full Life and that I can just focus on myself for a little while.”

The respite is something that Theresa leans on. Caring for her mother is a full-time responsibility, as Theresa is the sole caregiver.  

Theresa is now responsible for the woman who raised her. She admits that the role reversal brings forth complicated feelings. She also notes that while their roles may have changed, they still enjoy the same activities.

“When I was younger, mamà used to take me to the museums a lot,” says Theresa. “It’s been a special experience to be the one who’s taking her to the museums now. Our love for them and each other hasn’t changed after all these years.”

Dolores, an extremely social individual, enjoys interacting with other attendees. In addition to skilled nursing and rehabilitative therapies available at the centers, she loves the activities throughout the day, especially bingo and painting. A recent music class also developed a new skill in Dolores as well.

“She’s started singing and she never did that when I was growing up,” says Theresa. “Full Life has brought this wonderful talent out. She loves to sing now and it is so enjoyable.”

For the two of them, there is a balance that Full Life has helped them strike. For Dolores, it’s the amount of fun she has while at the adult day health center. For Theresa, it comes from the time to care for herself and the comfort she feels knowing her mother is in good hands.

“I know that she is safe,” says Theresa. “She comes back so happy every time and that is always the best part of the day.” 

 To learn more about enrolling at Full Life Care’s adult day health centers, contact 206.528.5315 (King County) or 425.355.1313 (Snohomish County). 

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