Fundraising finale

With less than 48 hours to go, we are very nearly to our goal of $100,000 in our October fundraising campaign!


At the beginning of this campaign, we notified you that we would forego our usual annual get-together and instead ask you to join us in the month-long, virtual effort. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 certainly has affected all our lives and forced upon us challenges the likes of which few of us have ever faced before. 

The sacrifices have been many. But our mission never changed: We Persevere, and We Never Give Up on People! 

Our clients have remained resilient and have persevered, as well. They are already facing unique challenges brought on by misfortune, chronic illness or age-related impacts. And no less than anyone, they deserve to live lives to the fullest potential. 

And with your help, they are doing just that. 

You’ve been so generous during this campaign, and for us and our clients, we say Thank You! 

There’s still time to follow, share, and give during this campaign. Click on the links below and: 

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