Good to see you again!

Adult Day Health clients see each other after weeks apart

“Whoa, I can see you all!”

“I’ve missed you guys!”

Top row: Iesha Gizaw, Scott Slater, client Kim Breimon and Adult Family Home Owner Rose Benton, client May Zalkin and caregiver Aster Mender; middle row: Glenda “Moe” Pocha, Kelly Nissell, April Hamilton, client Coral Westerlund; bottom row: Aaron Keller and caregiver Jan Fabias and Alex Lauer and caregiver Liz Putnam visit on Thursday, April 30, for the first time in more than two months.

In virtual embrace, a few clients of Full Life Care’s Adult Day Health program finally got to see one another and their Full Life friends again.

Last Thursday after more than two months apart, Full Life staff staged their first group video conference to link themselves to a handful of clients who, like most of us, have been under self-quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click on the image to the left to watch on YouTube, or watch below, too.

The half-hour visit allowed clients and their resident caregivers a chance to communicate directly to each other and with Adult Day Health staffers Glenda Pocha, April Hamilton, Iesha Gizaw, Kelly Nissell and Full Life Vice President of Operations Scott Slater.

The conversation was as you’d expect – like old friends getting back together after a long time.

“We’ve missed you all, too,” said April. “So good to see you again.”

Full Life staff are experimenting with video conferencing as another way to bring vital services to clients. Earlier last month, Full Life Case Manager Melissa Cass and Registered Occupational Therapist Carol Potter held the first one-on-one video visit with client May Zalkin. That was a pilot, and last Thursday’s group conference was the next step.

“We’re working hard to come up with innovations like this to bridge the gap,” said VP Scott. “We’re adapting in ways we never dreamed of before. But it’s necessary if we’re going to continue to deliver services through this extraordinary time.”

The visit included questions about clients’ health and how they’ve been spending their time. Of course, some wondered when the Day Health Centers would re-open. Glenda told them the truth: Only time will tell.

But they also planned what they would like to do for their next video visit – a virtual Dance Party! Sounds like folks will be getting out their Michael Jackson CDs.

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