How is it going with Transforming Age?

Dave Budd

by Dave Budd
Former Executive Director

Occasionally I am asked: “How is it going with Transforming Age?” In a word, it has been terrific. Since formalizing the relationship in September 2017, we are feeling very supported and respected in our new affiliation with Transforming Age, or “TA” as we sometimes say.

A quick recap

Many of you will recall that last year Full Life Care joined Transforming Age, a network of not-for-profit services, products, and partnerships focused on enhancing seniors’ lives. Transforming Age provides housing in communities in Seattle, Vashon Island, Minnesota and Lincoln, Nebraska. Full Life Care, with our breadth of in-home and community-based services, strengthens this network and expands it. TA also has other lines of business including marketing, capital development and investment in cutting-edge technologies such as “powered clothing” to help individuals with physical disabilities to stand and even walk again. It is super exciting! Check out the “technology” link and more on the Transforming Age website.

What are the benefits to Full Life?

It has been invigorating to be a part of a network of other not-for-profit providers who share a common goal of making life better for older adults and individuals with disabilities. Affiliates support each other by sharing ideas and resources and opportunities. For example, Full Life is growing to offer home care in the independent and assisted living communities in Seattle that are part of Transforming Age. Those communities are Skyline, Parkshore and Fred Lind Manor. Full Life has traditionally provided home care services primarily to individuals on Medicaid and this growth is a great opportunity to diversify our clientele and our revenue sources.

Transforming Age has also helped us invest in some capital improvements so that we can continue to serve our clients in settings that reflect the high quality of care we provide. We will soon be opening a new office in Federal Way to help expand all of our services further south in King County and into Pierce County, where there is a growing population of individuals who are seeking help to age-in-place.

What it is not

Being an affiliate of Transforming Age does not come with a blank check; all providers in our network must operate fiscally responsible businesses. Full Life Care remains a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and our mission has not changed—Full Life continues to provide care to some of the most vulnerable individuals in our community regardless of their income level or ability to pay. Increasingly, our clients include individuals who are currently homeless. Charitable contributions and fundraising are as critical as ever to help us meet these needs for people.

Looking ahead

Full Life aims to expand our geographic reach and the scope of the services we provide. As demographics of our communities continue to change and the population of older adults grows at the fastest pace in history, the challenges are great. But with continued partnerships, volunteers and donors, we are up to the challenge and look forward to creating a better future where everyone can get the care they need to remain as independent and healthy as possible. Please consider joining this effort! 

Thank you!