Lend us an artist brush?

Help our clients express their artistic side


Erin Schafer ready with another art supply delivery.

If you take a peek into Resource Coordinator II Erin Schafer’s car trunk, the contents may seem ordinary at first: a case of water bottles, a box of clothing, a stack of coloring books.

But what makes them more remarkable is that these items are not hers; they are all for her clients.

And what makes them more meaningful is that these clients wouldn’t have easy access to such essentials without people like her.

Erin is part of Full Life’s Foundational Community Supports (FCS) team, working one-on-one with clients with Medicaid insurance and complex care needs throughout King County. The FCS team helps clients in finding and maintaining independent housing, supporting them as long as necessary.

And like countless other staff at Full Life Care, Erin is dedicated wholeheartedly to her clients.

Along with FCS’ Program Manager Michael Jorgenson, Erin has been venturing out to hand-deliver essentials to clients wherever they are, on a weekly basis, providing crucial support, especially during the challenging times of COVID-19.

But considering FCS serves more than 150 clients, supplies run out quickly.

You can help. Our clients want art kits, instructional art books, adult coloring books, puzzle books, art supplies like colored pencils, markers and sketchbooks and painting supplies of all kinds.

Help support FLC’s Creative Engagement Donation Drive during this unprecedented pandemic. We need a larger quantity of these craft supplies and methods of creative outlets for our clients.

“Many people deem these supplies unnecessary, but even our clients agree it will improve mental health,” Erin said. “People want to be remembered in a way that isn’t just survival.”

There are many options for you to be able to help our newest initiative. The donation drive is on through Aug. 31. Learn more about it here: Ways to volunteer