As a peer fundraising advocate, you raise critical support for older adults and adults with chronic illnesses and disabilities. We encourage you to set a big goal and strive to reach it before May 31, 2018! Thank you for supporting Full Life Care.

Step 1: Register Here

Get started by creating your own personal webpage. It’s simple: enter your name and contact info and click Submit, then personalize your page. You will receive a confirmation email to the address you provide with your customized web link and details about next steps. We recommend you bookmark your webpage for easy access.

Step 2: Personalize your Webpage

Set your fundraising goal and add your personality to this campaign! Upload a photo of yourself and enter your goal of $100 or more. Read about Setting Your Fundraising Goal for a sense of what contributions toward your goal will accomplish. Write a personal statement about why you advocate for Full Life Care. Be personal and honest. A prewritten message is provided to help you as a guide, but we recommend using your own words.

Step 3: Invite Donations

Once you create your page, now spread the word and invite peers near and far to donate toward your goal! Read these sample messages to help you invite friends and family via email and social media. Inviting support in person is the most direct way to ask.

Step 4: Thank Your Donors

When Full Life Care receives a donation through your webpage, you will receive an email notification. Please thank your donors quickly to let them know how much they mean to you and Full Life. The donor will also receive a confirmation email when they submit their gift.

Need help?

If you need help or have questions, please contact Erin Rohan at 206.224.3749 or via email.


Manage your fundraising page with the unique management center web link sent to you via email when you first signed up. You can have your management center link resent to you; click here.

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