People of Full Life: Mitchell Keller

Mitchell Keller, Participant of Full Life Care Adult Day Health

I’m 34 years old. I was born with cerebral palsy. Full Life is good for me. We play games, do art and exercises. I go (to adult day health) Tuesday through Friday for now. Not Monday.

I go because it’s fun. They teach me how to do exercises and I get nurse care. I just go to hang out. It gets me out of the house. If I wasn’t here, I’d get in trouble. I used to be an alcoholic. I got clean and sober. I’m proud of myself. Full Life helped me sign the paperwork for the class.

I want to go to college to be an alcohol counselor to give back. People helped me. Time to give back. I still go to AA meetings. I do that to make sure I don’t go back out (drinking). I don’t want to mess up my liver. My dad died of liver cancer from drinking.