Full Life Care’s ElderFriends Volunteer Companionship Program provides a unique opportunity for you to volunteer to connect with an isolated older adult in your community through one-on-one visits. When you become a volunteer companion, you give yourself and your elder friend an opportunity to establish a relationship that will enrich both your lives.

Volunteers make a commitment to make friendly visits with an elder friend. We ask that you commit to visiting your elder at least two or three times a month for at least a year.

How to Qualify

To be a volunteer friend in an ElderFriends partnership, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Are 18 years or older.
  • Have a desire to establish a friendship with an isolated elder.
  • Display effective communication skills with assigned elder and ElderFriends staff.
  • Have the ability to listen attentively and initiate conversation.
  • Display sensitivity to the needs of elders facing difficult life circumstances.
  • Have the ability to fulfill the time commitment.
  • Successfully complete relevant background checks and training.

What is expected of volunteers?

ElderFriends volunteers do have some responsibilities.

  • Successfully complete the required training session prior to beginning volunteer duties.
  • Visit your assigned elder at least twice a month. If you are unable to visit in person, contact your elder by phone or through correspondence.
  • Engage in outreach and advocacy with the elder, his/her social service network, and ElderFriends staff.
  • Maintain regular communication with ElderFriends staff regarding the progress of relationship and any changes in the elder’s or your circumstances.
  • Complete and submit quarterly reports.
  • Adhere to ElderFriends rules and procedures, as described in the training and the volunteer manual.

What about …?

Still have questions? Read our FAQ. (Link to Volunteer Participant FAQ page)

Ready to be an ElderFriends Volunteer!

If you’re ready to be an ElderFriends volunteer, click here to fill out the application.

We require two references and need to conduct a background check. Because of the one-on-one nature of these relationships, character references are an important component in determining a potential volunteer’s suitability for the program.

Reference Questionnaire

After your training and paperwork are completed, we’ll start the process to match you with the right elder.

Upcoming Training Dates

See our calendar for upcoming training dates. (link to calendar)

NOTE: We will schedule you for training days.

Learn about ElderFriends Elder Participants

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