Meet the Transition Team, Interim CFO

It’s been a busy few weeks at Full Life Care. When I started as acting executive director earlier this month, I promised thoughtful decisions, regular updates and a commitment to Full Life Care’s mission. Here are updates to share with you so far.
Scott Slater

Full Life Care Announces Executive Transition

Scott Slater, Full Life Care’s chief financial officer, will serve as acting executive director after Executive Director Dave Budd resigned from his position effective June 4, 2019.
Dave Budd

Making it Through the Storm

In times of uncertainty and loss, it is an uplifting feeling to be surrounded by people you can depend on. People who will do whatever needs to be done.
2019 Spring Newsletter Cover

Newsletter: Spring 2019

In the 2019 Spring Newsletter, read about the staff at adult day health; our latest feature, People of Full Life; the latest on our AmeriCorps Team; Full Life growth; and Dave’s Outlook.
Dave Budd

A Quarterly Report

We just closed the books on an eventful 2018, and looking ahead, I believe that we will build upon our successes. Here are some highlights to share.
Dave Budd

Ageism in our Culture

We're often surprised at how tolerant society can be when it comes to ageism. Ageism is defined as stereotyping and discrimination against individuals or groups based on their age. It is so pervasive in our culture that many of us don’t even notice it or realize how damaging it can be; damaging not just to our society but to our own psyches.
2018 Winter Newsletter

Newsletter: Winter 2018

In the 2018 Winter Newsletter read about: ElderFriends and the Art of Blacksmithing; New Federal Way Office Expands Our Services; Benefit Luncheon; Dave’s Outlook: Ageism in our Culture.

Newsletter: Fall 2018

In the 2018 Fall Newsletter: Wellness Studio and Healthy Gardening; Lee Lowery is Living a Ministry of Presence; Among Friends: Riding a Carousel Again; Helping Vulnerable Adults in Our Communities; Dave’s Outlook: How is it going with Transforming Age?
Dave Budd

How it is going with Transforming Age

I am asked occasionally about Transforming Age and the affiliation. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you my response. In a word, it has been terrific. Since formalizing the relationship in September 2017, we are feeling very supported.