Secure Adult Day Health funding

Your help is needed now during the current legislative session!

Lawmakers are deciding now on how to distribute new, additional pandemic funding from the federal government. That means more funds available for programs. We need to make sure funds go to restore and rebuild Adult Day Health programs and services that were forced to be severely curtailed during the past year.

Please save Adult Day Health by copying and pasting this letter in an email to the Senate Ways and Means Committee and House Appropriations committee below.

Simply click on their email addresses and paste the letter in the email. Remember to sign your name at the end of your letter.



Email the letter directly to these committee members who are making the decisions.

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Or, email directly to any Senator or Representative on these committees!


Senate Ways & Means Committee

Sen. Christine Rolfes D 23
Sen. David Frockt D 46
Rep. June Robinson D 38
Sen. Lynda Wilson R 17
Sen. Sharon Brown R 8
Sen. Jim Honeyford R 15
Sen. Mark Schoesler R 9
Sen. John Braun R 20
Sen. Reuven Carlyle D 36
Sen. Steve Conway D 29
Sen. Jeannie Darneille D 27
Sen. Manka Dhingra D 45
Sen. Chris Gildon R 25
Sen. Bob Hasegawa D 11
Sen. Sam Hunt D 22
Sen. Karen Keiser D 33
Sen. Marko Liias D 21
Sen. Mark Mullet D 5
Sen. Ron Muzzall R 10
Sen. Jamie Pedersen D 43
Sen. Ann Rivers R 18
Sen. Kevin Van De  Wege D 24
Sen. Keith Wagoner R 39
Sen. Judy Warnick R 13
Sen. Lisa Wellman D 41


House Appropriations Committee


Rep. Timm Ormsby D 3
Rep. Steve Bergquist D 11
Rep. Mia Gregerson D 33
Rep. Nicole Macri D 43
Rep. Drew Stokesbary R 31
Rep. Kelly Chambers R 25
Rep. Chris Corry R 14
Rep. Drew MacEwen R 35
Rep. Matt Boehnke R 8
Rep. Michelle Caldier R 26
Rep. Frank Chopp D 43
Rep. Eileen Cody D 34
Rep. Laurie Dolan D 22
Rep. Mary Dye R 9
Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon D 34
Rep. Noel Frame D 36
Rep. Drew Hansen D 23
Rep. Paul Harris R 17
Rep. Larry Hoff R 18
Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen R 25
Rep. Jesse Johnson D 30
Rep. Debra Lekanoff D 40
Rep. Gerry Pollet D 46
Rep. Skyler Rude R 16
Rep. Cindy Ryu D 32
Rep. Joe Schmick R 9
Rep. Tana Senn D 41
Rep. Larry Springer D 45
Rep. Mike Steele R 12
Rep. Monica Stonier D 49
Rep. Pat Sullivan D 47
Rep. Steve Tharinger D 24