UW Nursing Students and Full Life Care Partner to Improve Clients’ Wellbeing

ADH UW Nursing - Spa Day Photo

ADH UW Nursing - Spa Day PhotoUW Nursing students implemented programs such as a spa day, social gatherings and informational brochures to encourage healthy living among Full Life’s clients. 

For many of Full Life Care’s clients, limited health literacy, social interaction and access to nutritious food are among the barriers they face on a regular basis. As part of an ongoing partnership, nursing students at the University of Washington are helping to improve the health and wellbeing of Full Life’s clients while getting valuable hands-on experience. 

Adult Day Health: Spa Day 

Nursing students Haley Bapst, Jenn Severn, Margaret Njoroge, Molly Hines and Theresa Tan organized a spa day at Adult Day Health’s Everett site as part of the project’s overall aim to promote healthy living. Clients were pampered from head to toe, with hair styling and nail painting that also encouraged socialization and hygiene awareness. 

“The most meaningful part of my experience was forming connections and self-improvement,” said Haley. “This facility allowed for lots of self-reflection and learning about conditions, people’s way of living, etc. I learned lots about my biases and learned helpful communication skills

Emily Roberts, Program Manager of Snohomish County Adult Day Health Center, explained how just one day of pampering made a positive impact on clients’ wellbeing. 

“I think the clients could sense the energy of the nursing students and how much they wanted to be there and pamper them,” said Emily. “The best part was how excited the clients were to show off their painted nails and freshly brushed/ styled hair.” 

SHA Outreach: Improving Knowledge of Healthcare Access and Increasing Social Interaction

UW Nursing students also teamed up with Full Life’s SHA Outreach staff, who provide wellness services for residents of Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) buildings. Nursing students Mark Moskalenko, Michelle Saechao and Zenna Huynh created a brochure aimed at raising awareness of healthcare-related services available to residents of Ross Manor. The handout outlined information such as medical benefits, translation services and transportation residents could utilize. Applications for Washington health plans were made readily available in multiple languages. 

“This clinical rotation allowed me to have the opportunity to challenge my implicit biases surrounding the topics of ageism and ableism,” said Zenna. “I have also enjoyed the ability and opportunity to help the residents improve their independence and involvement in their own health outcomes.” 

After the Covid-19 pandemic left many feeling isolated, UW Nursing students organized regular social gatherings such as Bingo night for Ross Manor and Lake City residents.  

“I hope that the program continues to provide opportunities for social interactions among residents and community members,” said Zenna. “When I spoke to the residents, I learned that they missed resources such as the computer lab, board games, a library, etc. Both these aspects are an important part of the promotion of healthy living for residents.” 

The UW School of Nursing has partnered with Full Life Care for more than 10 years, linking staff with students engaging in Community Health Nursing Partnership coursework. Students consult with Full Life program staff to identify needs surrounding health promotion within each program’s setting, and plan and implement health promotion initiatives with long-lasting positive impacts.  

We are grateful for all UW Nursing students and instructor guidance and look forward to continuing this partnership in Spring 2023 and beyond.  


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