Volunteer Spotlight: Rahul Rao

Tech-savvy teen finishes a summer of inspirational service

Rahul Rao

For the past 18 years, Full Life Care has partnered with Teens in Public Service (TIPS) to host internships for young leaders with outstanding talent and motivation.

This summer was no exception.

Inspired to make the most of the summer before his senior year at Tesla STEM High School, Rahul Rao was thrilled to delve into an internship he ultimately described as “one of the most influential experiences I have had over my life.”

Rahul readies another delivery of arts supplies for the Creative Engagement Donation Drive for Foundational Community Supports clients.

Rahul has long embraced his innate desire to help others. His hundreds of hours of past community service have ranged from playing checkers with retirees to advocating for girls’ rights to education in India. Such compassion, combined with strong skills in communications and technology, contributed to the fresh perspectives and new possibilities Rahul brought to his role.

Over the past two months, Rahul contributed 160 hours of fundamental support to multiple Full Life programs. In collaboration with Full Life’s Volunteer Services team, he helped design and manage the Creative Engagement Donation Drive, which has resulted in more than 450 puzzles and craft supplies for Foundational Community Supports clients. For ElderFriends, Rahul helped pilot a series of Zoom socials for elders, evaluating and adapting to participants’ interest. And for both ElderFriends and Adult Day Health Care, Rahul became a reassuring guide, offering one-on-one phone calls to clients and caregivers for Zoom troubleshooting, improving their ability to stay connected via technology long-term.

“The loyalty of the staff to their clients, their passionate attitude, and their strong work ethic accurately reflects upon Full Life Care as a whole and the type of organization it is” Rahul said. “Every single day throughout my internship, I was just astonished [by] the staff’s love and devotion for their clients, and the work they will put in just to support their every need.”

As part of his final reflections, Rahul added, “My inspirational mentors, speakers, and colleagues have shown me their passion toward our community and their clients in a way I haven’t seen before. They provided me with a powerful role as not only an intern, but as a valuable member of their team.

“This experience has really shown me career paths in the non-profit world and beyond, and changed my perspective on the impact I can make on my local community.”

Rahul facilitates a Zoom meeting for ElderFriends.

As for the next impact Rahul’s been inspired to make?

He’ll be coming back to Full Life as an ElderFriends volunteer.

TIPS is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing future leaders committed to their communities by connecting teens with life-changing opportunities and internships at non-profit organizations. TIPS selects teen leaders and places them as paid interns in local non-profits, at no cost to the non-profit organizations.